Robin Hill Health | Health Service Innovation & Reform
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Health Service Innovation & Reform

We are leaders in models of integrated multi-professional health care design and implementation. From primary care to tertiary hospitals our teams redesign and reform clinical and administrative systems and health professional roles.

Models of team-based Health Care

We are experts in understanding organisational culture, systems and behaviour, and leading change with a focus on the integrated design and evaluation of team based care.

Reform & re-design of outmoded health care

We are experts in developing new, multi-faceted models of care, identifying opportunities for and barriers to reform, and assisting and supporting leaders to redesign to reach their goals.

Health workforce role design

We are experts in understanding the current workforce, and working with clients to address gaps and identify innovative solutions to better match demand through the application of redesigned roles and responsibilities.

Meeting the world wide shortage of health professionals, we can redesign your health workforce to maximise efficiency and outcomes through:

  • Role extension
  • Role re-design
  • Development of new classes of health practitioner

Nutrition and Dietetic program development

Meeting the global challenges of obesity, diabetes and appropriate nutrition, our world leading experts can develop for you national programs:

  • Patient based services
  • Nutrition policy
  • Education
  • Research design
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Food services
  • Training programs
  • Continuing professional development

Health care policy advice and analysis

We are experts in interpreting and analysing policy, and advising on its application across a variety of settings, such as health care (primary through to tertiary care), education and training in the higher health education and standards of practice and accreditation.

We can provide you with health policy advice and development with special focus areas of:

  • Medicines
  • Drug safety
  • Primary care
  • Drug utilisation
  • Clinical services
  • Nutrition and dietetic policy

Evaluation of Health Services

We are experts in applying rigourous methodologies to evaluate processes and their outcomes, and recommending a range of key areas for improvement, each underpinned with a national and international literature review of current and future best practice.

Our teams conduct reviews and evaluations of health care facilities and programs for:

  • Commonwealth and State Governments of Australia
  • State health organisations
  • International governments
  • Health practices at all levels, large and small

Accreditation Preparation and Advice

Pre-accreditation Review

Are you preparing for accreditation of your health facility or program?

We are experts in understanding the national and international accreditation frameworks, and in working with organisations to prepare themselves against the standards in order to achieve optimal organisational accreditation status.

A trial accreditation by our highly experienced accreditors, including review of documentation, visits and patient, client and staff interviews, can ensure you a smooth passage through the accreditation process.

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